Beautiful Relationship Between Parents And Children


From day one in the history of evolution, humanity has been through a lot of changes. Each and every aspect has been through not just a few but a lot of makeovers. There are very few emotions that remain unaltered. The reason they stay unaltered is the sanctity and purity of the emotions involved in that relationship. Without second thoughts one relationship that has always remained stable is the bond between parents and children.


Among all the creations of God the parent, children relationship has always had a separate place in the minds of people. A relationship that makes the person go that extra mile for the well being of their loved ones. The words may sound a bit simple. But it was never, and it will never be an easy thing to put others need ahead of their own.  Something like that only could happen only in a parent-children relationship.



There very few in this world who really want you to come up in life without having any jealousy. Among those few people, parents will definitely make it to the top of the list. There might be some bitterness during certain instances, but that doesn’t mean that they are against their child. It is always for their child’s good. Like any other relationship, the parent-child relationship also has its ups and downs. Anything said and done, for any parent their child’s well being was, is and will always be the most important in their lives.



For any child, their parents are the first ones they become close with. Their entire world revolves around them. Their parents are their friends, mentor, and even their playmate. And at a point of when the child enters the real world things just change a bit. Being introduced to new things has a bit of effect on their minds. Getting to meet new people and spending a considerable amount of time sure does has an impact on the relationship between the parents and the child. But just because their children are spending a bit of time away from them, it doesn’t mean that they don’t respect their parents or their love and respect towards their parents have decreased.  There are certain instances that a child might fail to satisfy their parents, but it is never intentional. It is like the common desire of every child to make their parents and make them proud.

The biggest blessing that the human race has ever received from the higher power is this beautiful relationship between parents and their children. As parents and as children lets celebrate and cherish this awesome relationship and respect it deserves.


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