“Familiar Strangers” is an independently produced film.  It is important for those of us who appreciate the freshness and honesty of independent cinema, to support these films!

We are confident that you are going to love “Familiar Strangers”.

Thanks for adding it to your collection . . .


The asking price for the DVD is only $19.95
Including all Shipping, Handling, and Applicable Taxes

 A couple of additional thoughts to consider . . .

A film such as this makes for a fine gift for a film lover.  Who do you know who would appreciate the gift of a warm, family affirming film?

 Many groups have used “Familiar Strangers” as a tool in their fund raising efforts.  Charities, schools and groups of all types can benefit.  From fund raising screening events to using the DVD as a simple premium offered for donations, everyone likes a good film.  Please contact us if you are affiliated with a group of any size with fundraising needs and we will help you craft a program for success!